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Okinawa Jobs (How & Where To Find Work)

Work in Okinawa can be a difficult thing to find for a variety of factors. It’s a different country, the majority of jobs that employ foreigners with english speaking ability require a military base pass, and for the most part the pay levels are not going to be very substantial. In fact, some pay levels can be downright shocking and can leave you feeling like you are being taken advantage of, and that’s probably because you are.

In either case I have had a lot of experience finding work in Okinawa, both off-base and on-base. My goal is to help you identify the different options available to you so that you can start earning a paycheck as fast as possible.

Military Spouse

Without a doubt this is the best category to be in since Military Spouses are given preference on base. It’s actually a very straight forward process and simply requires the proper documentation. Most jobs are reserved for spouses and

Former Military

This is the position that I found myself in and one thats quite common for service members that married a Japanese National.

Expat (Civillian)

Unless you possess a Masters degree in a competitive field it can be very difficult to secure a job in Okinawa, but it’s not impossible.

On Base Job Resources

Off Base Staffing Agencies